About us

We are truly trying, that your favourite baby brand „Milo&Malo“ manufacturing using only the finest fabrics, so soft and comfortable, just what your babies adore. For more than 20 years, we have been dressing the youngest models, from their very first smiling day. For years, we’ve appreciated your suggestions, in order to create products according to your wishes. We like to be different, because we know that every piece of clothing belongs to a special little person. We have customers all over Serbia and the neighboring countries of Bosnia, Serbian Republic, Croatia, Montenegro and especially in Slovenia. For many years we have worked with many international humanitarian organizations such as UNICEF, CRIC, GVC, Johanniter for whose needs we produce our items, as well as some outside it. Some of our products are available in packets of Belgrade “BG Baby Club” which is given in maternity hospitals in Belgrade.

In the future we will try the best we can, justifying your expectations because with your happiness, our is even greater.

Sincerely Yours,

Pamučna galanterija Miljković